Starfish (Girls) White Cotton Dress, Embroidered - EL327**

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This dress is for Little Girls at play time, girl time, story time or twirl time! Let your little one shine like a star in our Starfish white cotton dress. With its adorable strap sleeves and below knee length, it's perfect for summer adventures. The dress is beautifully adorned with three blue starfish embroideries on the bodice, adding a playful touch. And don't miss the hidden surprise - a single blue starfish embroidery behind the neck, adding an extra touch of magic. Let your child's imagination soar in this charming dress, perfect for creating unforgettable memories. Match with her and order the Starfish Nightgown for Ladies.

EL327-2         1-2 years
EL327-4         3-4 years
EL327-6         5-6 years
EL327-8         7-8 years
EL327-10       9-10 years

Design:          Strap Sleeve
                        Below Knee Length 

Embroidery:  3 Blue Starfish on Bodice
                        1 Blue Starfish behind Neck


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